Safety And Energy

Safety & Energy Services

  • Thermal Imaging Testing

We carry out Thermal Imaging Survey of the MEP equipment.  This high technology  makes  it  possible  to  detect  faults  at  their  inception,  (for example  overheating,  leaks,  etc).     Hence, it is an excellent tool of predictive maintenance which will minimize the downtime of equipment by planning fault rectifications before the fault becomes a major one.


  • Building Air tightness (Envelope) Test

This test will prove the integrity and leakage in a building envelope using special test equipment and software (recommended by LEED).


  • Room Integrity Test

This test will prove the tightness of an enclosure protected by FM200 (or other fire agent) to determine if the required concentration to put out a fire is achieved. This is a non-destructive test.


  • Smoke Evacuation Test

This is an efficiency verification of the Smoke Exhaust System during simulated smoke conditions.


  • Smoke Drain Test

We check leakage in plumbing and drainage system in buildings with the use of smoke.


  • Indoor Air Quality

We use special sensors to measure CO2, CO, etc.